Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Parents of School Shooters

Jessica Yurosko
Writing 121
November 3, 2015

            Is it fair to convict parents of kids that commit school shootings? “Parents of school shooters get a lot of blame.” Parents are blamed for almost every aspect of the shooting committed by their child. There are many steps that parents can or could have taken to prevent school shootings. Having a close relationship with your child is key in preventing violent attacks. Communication with a child and observing their daily tasks is of great importance. “Parents should also be alert to warning signs of potential violence.” Parents should always be aware if their child has a fascination with guns, weapons, or if they are researching violence and weapons. “Do not lie to protect your child.” If parents or teachers are concerned, then further action should always be taken. Kip Kinkel went on a rampage in May of 1998 killing his parents then shooting at Thurston high school, killing two students and wounding 25 others. There was an abundance or red flags in this case, that were never acted upon. Kip’s father worked as a teacher at his high school He lied for himself and his son, and disregarded the concerns of teachers and counselors. Kinkel’s mother also lied to his phycologist abut mental illness running in both sides of the family. This was a tragedy that could have been prevented. Schools have a “zero tolerance” policy towards violence. Peter Langman feels “schools need to consider doing more than just punishing the students who engage in inappropriate or threatening behavior.” “Students need attention not rejection.” I could not agree with this statement more; kids don’t need to be neglected they need help action out in violent ways is a scream for help. Any person can help prevent a school shooting from happening, by never ignoring warning signs, and always being aware of abnormal violent behaviors and reporting them. There have been many students who have prevented school shootings by reporting things they heard, seen, or found.

Currency: From why kids kill: inside the minds of school shooters by Peter Langman PH.D. copyright 2009 version 1.1 (31, July 2014) reprinted by permission of Palgrave Macmillan a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited.
Relevance: This article is very relevant to my topic.
Authority: schoolshooters.info https://schoolshooters.info/sites/default/files/ten_lessons_1.1.pdf
Accuracy: This is an article which is a part of a boon written by Peter Langman.
Purpose: so maybe people can have a better understanding in how big of a role parents and people surrounded by school shooter have in preventing school shootings.

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